General Questions

What is Tools Advisor?

What is a listing?

What is a review?

Are reviews verified before publication?

How do you verify reviews?

Why do some listings look different from the others?

What is considered fraud? 

How can I alert Tools Advisor to fraud?

How do I report a review that violates your guidelines?

How can I contact you?

Reviewer Specific Questions

How do I submit a review?

How long does it take to complete a review?

Can reviews be anonymous?

When will my review be published?

Can I edit my review?

How do I remove my review?

How often can I write a review?

If I write a review of a product/service, can the company contact me about it?

How do I request that a product/service be added to Tools Advisor?

How do I search for a Tool?

Vendor Specific Questions

How do I get a free listing?

Who can request a listing?

Why is my company listed?

Are user reviews location specific?

Can we ask our customers to write reviews?